My Top 10 Favorite Finds From Dollar Tree

I have a love/hate relationship with Dollar Tree. I love it because you can find GREAT deals on some quality products. But, I hate it because sometimes stuff isn’t always cheaper there and it’s easy to get caught up in the fact that something is “only $1!” when it’s $0.88 at Walmart.

A new Dollar Tree just opened up by my house, so I decided to go since I haven’t been to one in awhile. I was impressed with how much it’s improved since I last went to one! With that being said, I browsed the entire store, and found some good stuff. Here are my top 10 favorite finds from the trip:


  1. Glass Decor 

These are SO CUTE!!! And for only a dollar… heck yeah I’d decorate my house with these. This location had many different designs in clear, blue, red, and green. Great quality for a great price!


2. Blank Cards

I always buy my cards from Dollar Tree or the dollar section at Target. These are only a few of the designs they had… and they’re really cute! I love writing letters so these are perfect for me.


3. Gift Bags

This is also something that I also always buy at Dollar Tree. I am AMAZED at how retail stores get away with charging $3+ for gift bags. At Dollar Tree, the smaller bags come in packages of 2 or 3 which is also nice. They have lots of variety for different holidays, and also plain ones. And don’t forget tissue paper, bows, gift wrap, and any other gift packing needs! They’ve got it all.


4. Dish Drying Mats

These are just adorable, and I prefer hand washing my dishes most of the time, so I use them often. I’ve never personally bought one from Dollar Tree, but they felt like they were pretty good quality!


5. Adult Coloring Books

I think adult coloring books are cool and all, but I’ve never actually had the time/patience to color one. Also, they’re pretty expensive in general so buying one for $1 seems way more practical for me (since I probably wouldn’t actually use it that much). They had a good variety!


6. Removable Wall Stickers

They have lots of options – both for kids & adults! They aren’t that big, but pretty good deal for $1.


7. Wall Pictures

These were probably my favorite find of the trip. There were so many options, and I looked through ALL of them. I even bought one for my bathroom, and I plan to go get more! It’s a plastic frame, so not the best quality, but I just hung it on my wall so I don’t see the big deal. It looks great!


8. Journals

I feel like I’ve said this about everything so far… but these are so cute! It was so hard not to buy them all. They make great gifts, too.


9. Teacher’s Corner

For all the teachers out there… I’m not really sure how much this stuff costs at other retail stores but this stuff seemed like a good deal! Correct me if I’m wrong, though.


10. Tupperware

Now… I must say, this isn’t ALWAYS the best deal. It depends on what you’re using it for. Personally, I only like using my tupperware a few times before throwing it out. So in that case, the 3 packs would be a good deal. They aren’t as good of quality as the name brands, so keep that in mind. If you’re looking for something better quality, this isn’t for you. Walmart has better quality ones for a very affordable price, just depends on what you’re looking for!

So, there you have it. There were many other great finds, narrowing it down to 10 was hard! I plan on blogging about Dollar Tree more in the near future, so be on the lookout! Thanks for reading!


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